Who's Life Are You Living?

Are you living someone else’s life or a life that truly resonates with you?  We have been conditioned to believe since we were children that we need to please people, that we need to live our life in a certain order and that we need to be in a certain profession or with a certain partner.  We are taught by society, friends, and family that our life SHOULD be a certain way.

So are you living a life based on what others think is right or a life that is true to your values and beliefs? Many people today live out of alignment to who they truly are. They make choices to please others or feel that “this is the way it should be.” There is a cost to living a life that is not yours. The cost is a great deal of unhappiness. When we make choices to please the demands of others, we show the world a mask of ourselves instead of our real selves. There is no benefit to putting on a mask, it does not serve yourself or others. The world benefits when someone is standing in their truth and standing their ground. This is how we motivate others to do the same.

How do you know when you are choosing from a place of genuine authenticity or a place of misalignment? Well think about a time when you absolutely knew that something was right for you. How did your body feel? What was the first thought that came to you? When we are certain of our decision, we usually feel a feeling of expansiveness in our bodies; a feeling of boosted energy, a lightness, a calm knowing, a sure confidence that that decision is right for us. For me, I automatically hear a “YES” in my head when I know something is the right fit for me.

When we are not in alignment with what we choose, we may feel a restriction in our body. That means, there may be a feeling in our body where things don’t feel exactly right and comfortable. There is a discomfort in the body of some sorts. For me, when I feel misaligned with something, I feel a heaviness in my chest and stomach area and an indecisiveness. We may also feel a hesitation, a feeling of “not knowing what to do.” These are all strong indicators that you may be choosing something that doesn’t resonate with you.

We all want to feel accepted and loved by everyone. However, if there is one thing that you remember, let it be this; any need for acceptance or love by others will not provide you long term satisfaction if you are living a life that is out of alignment to who you are. We are meant to live OUR life not others.