Walking In Faith

Walking in faith can mean many different things to different people. Walking in Faith to me, means stepping into something while knowing that that is what you need to do. Stepping into faith takes a lot of courage and bravery. Stepping into faith is stepping into the unknown. Faith goes beyond any level of understanding or reasoning. Stepping into something with deep faith requires you to let go of all attachments to understanding what is happening, what will happen or why it is happening. Stepping into faith requires a tremendous amount of surrender to what everyone else tells you. This deep sense of knowing is unexplainable and if ignored, can create regret and unhappiness.  Faith is required in our daily life. To me faith is the deep knowing that no matter what, you will be ok and that All is Well. Faith is trusting wherever you are in your life that everything is there for the purpose of your growth. Faith requires you to disregard everyone's expectations and follow your heart's longing.

Stepping into the unknown can be scary territory. As humans we are so adapted to wanting to know what is going to happen and if we will be "successful" or not. We are afraid that things won't happen our way. Usually when we want to know what is going to happen, we are looking for a sense of hope, safety, and control. Many people do not take a leap of faith due to the fear of not knowing and fear of failure. The unpredictability makes people afraid to the point that they make no decision and remain in their comfort zone.

Faith is knowing that life is exactly the way it is meant to be. The truth is, every experience and situation is working FOR you and not TO you. Life's situations happens FOR us not TO us. It is our judgements, our perceptions and labels on things that make them either "good" or "bad." Every experience is for our own growth and having faith is knowing this. We live in a materialistic world where we are attached to things and attached to the need of knowing. Of couse, in some situations, it is beneficial for us to know the details of a situation in order to make an informed choice. However, the knowing that I am referring to is the knowing that prevents us from feeling the fear and unpredictability and wanting a sense of security and comfort. This knowing that I refer to is sought in order to replace the fear that comes up by the not knowing. We often try to avoid fear for reaching for comfort and predictability. With faith, comes fear. You can't have faith without feeling fear. Fear is a normal human emotion. To experience faith, you have to experience fear. Stepping into the unknown is fearful, but worthwhile. When you step into the unknown, you surrender the outcome that you hope to have and allow life to play out as it is meant to be. Faith says "I surrender my plans to life and whatever is meant to happen is for my own good." Attachment says " I want this to happen and will do anything to achieve this." Faith means walking with ease. There is nothing wrong with having plans, however be mindful that life is upredictable and your plans may not be what is best for you. When we take risks and surrender to the unknown, we find that we come out more stronger, more confident and more brave like never before.