Turning To Food

I have always been an active person that loves to stay fit and take care of my body. For many years I have been conscious of what I eat.  Yes I am one of those people that reads labels. Being someone that has intolerances to certain foods and ingredients', I need to know what I am consuming. Not long ago, I decided to go on a weight loss journey as I wanted to transform my body. It takes dedication, focus, motivation and consistency to reach your goal. Whether your goal pertains to weight loss or any other area in your life, it takes discipline and courage. It is important in those times that you obtain a support network of people that are like minded that will encourage you on your path.

I have learned many things about our relationships with food. I have learned that our relationship to food is completely based on our emotions. Our choice of foods are motivated on what emotion we would like to feel.  As I support people who want to lose weight and get overall healthy, I encounter many people who hesitate to begin this journey of health. The more I have discussions with people about their health, the more I notice that behind every hesitation to get healthier is fear.

How well people meet their health goals is based on their mindset. Many people believe that changing their eating habits is deprivation. They feel that they are going to feel a void. Often people focus on what foods they would need to sacrifice, compared to how healthy, energized and vibrant they will become. The point is, people do not actually fear not having certain foods, but what they fear is not knowing what to do with the emotions that will arise in the absence of that food. We unconsciously choose certain foods to provide us an emotion.

People are generally scared of change. The majority of the population lives in their comfort zone and many will choose to stay there. We all engage in emotional eating. Meaning we choose certain foods to feel a certain emotion. I choose healthy foods so I can feel energized. Some people choose particular foods because it distracts them from feeling unpleasant emotions. The truth is, many people don't know what to do with certain feelings, so they use food as a distraction. The resistance to change your health has a lot to do with the fear of feeling.

If you are one that is scared to make changes to your health, ask yourself the below questions. These questions can help support you to move past the hesitation.

How would your life look like if you felt more energized, healthier and stronger?

What would motivate you to take care of your health?

Who is around you that can support you in changing your lifestyle?

Why do you want to make changes?

What makes you afraid in starting your journey of health?