We Are The Transformers Of Every Situation

"I can affect change by transforming the only thing I have ever had control over in the first place and that is myself"   Deepak Chopra


Human beings are truly powerful people.  We simply can transform any situation or circumstance in any way that we choose. How we choose to show up in every moment, in every interaction with others, determines how we will experience every moment. I am going to share an experience I had recently that allowed me to see the power that we have and how powerful we are in changing people’s reality.

I was at the bank and waiting in a long line up.  The man behind me started making sighs and kissing his teeth. It was clear that he was very impatient with the long line. I suddenly remembered what one of the great spiritual teachers that I follow,  Matt Kahn, had said. He said that when you encounter someone who is complaining or in low vibration, meet them with a compliment; a higher vibration. So I decided to acknowledge this man. I started off by saying "it's really busy isn't it?" Then he started talking to me about how he planned to drive to Chicago today and does not want to hit traffic. I acknowledged his frustration and we started to talk about his road trip and how the US boarders are busy during the Memorial long weekend. After our brief conversation, we continued to wait in line, and to my amazement, he said nothing. There was no kissing of the teeth,  no sighs, no complaints. Nothing at all. His presence seemed calm and collected, waiting patiently in line. Eventually I let him in front of me and we went our separate ways. Now there are many reasons why I share this experience with you.

I really believe that we choose to show up in a particular way in every situation. Before engaging in conversation with that man, I was browsing on my phone. I decided to put it back in my purse and allowed myself to be present in the line up and present with the impatience I was feeling as well. Being fully present at the moment, allowed me to take inspired action and engage in conversation with a stranger, which then shifted his stressed energy that he was experiencing.

Showing up to people with compassion can transform their reality remarkably. We have the capacity to change the vibrational energy that people are in. Acknowledging people, giving them a smile, hearing them out, complimenting them, can shift their energy. Some people do not know how to regulate their emotions. Some people have not learned tools to manage how they feel. We can simply show up in someone's presence with calmness, openness, care and compassion to help them shift where they are at, without them doing it on their own. This is how inter-connected we humans are and how powerful our presence is.

Now I could have rolled my eyes and got irritated by this mans noises, and turned around and told him to just be patient. I chose to do things differently. The only thing I control is the energy I bring to the moment. Also, to my amazement, after my conversation with that man ended, my impatience that I felt in this line up also deteriorated as well. I never felt so patient in a long line up then I did then. There was nothing to stress about in that moment, nowhere to rush to and nothing to worry about. We were both fully present in that line up. Meeting people with compassion is a gift to oneself. We choose how we show up. We choose how we transform our circumstances and we have the power to shift people’s reality in amazing ways.