The Power of Voice

Often we dim our brilliance to the world. We close ourselves from expressing our true opinions and thoughts to people around us. We do this because we really don't know the power that our voice has for our growth and for others. We are gifted with a tool that has been given to us to use to full capacity, not to put in the closet and pretend it's not there. I am sure you have been in situations in which you have not said what you wanted to say out of fear of judgement, rejection or you didn't think it would make a difference. I sure have. Why is this so common in our society today? Yes it is fear of some sort and it is also that we feel what we have to say is not good enough. There is a societal conditioning  that we have been immersed in that teaches us not to  speak about certain things. We have been taught from our families, friends, school and the media that certain topics are "taboo" and we should not talk about them. If we dare to say something that is opposite of the norm, we are perceived as acting "not feminine enough," and "not manly enough." We don't say certain things because we fear the consequences that it might create. Many children have been shut down in speaking their mind and grow up feeling afraid to open up and say what they need to say.

Our conditioning is no doubt powerful. However, what is even more powerful is recognizing the very moment you are afraid to speak up. When we are self-aware of how we are feeling in a situation, that provides us an opportunity to choose differently than we usually do. Being aware of what you are feeling  at the very moment, provides you a powerful space of freedom, the freedom to choose from a place of self-awareness. A gentle suggestion that I would recommend is to try to become aware of the moment. In a busy, hectic lifestyle that we live in, you probably are thinking it is difficult. It can be yes, however, practice is always the key. What I challenge you to do is to become aware of your feelings as much as you can. If you forget, just go back to remembering to feel what you are feeling. If you are aching to say something to someone and having a difficult time doing so, tap into how you FEEL at the moment. Saying statements in your head or aloud can help you take the dive to speak. You can try by saying "What I have to say is important, I am important, All is well." This statement can be helpful to encourage you to speak up.

Showing up and speaking your mind has great power for self growth. It allows you to break out of your conditioning into a new way of communicating with people around you. Gradually having the courage to speak up allows our self-confidence to grow. I have encountered many situations where I have said something and someone else was thinking the same thing. I have also encountered situations where  someone thanked me for saying something because it made them feel better or made things clearer for them.  Opening up your voice has the power to liberate others to do the same. Courage only grows when you take the plunge and do what you fear. It may be scary, but worthwhile. Open your voice for YOU not for anyone else. 

 A friend once said to me, "It doesn't matter if things don't go your way or you get what you want, what matters is that you speak up and say what you need to say."