The Gift of Recieving

When you hear the word 'receive' what do you think of? I wanted to write about the act of receiving because I noticed that many people and myself at times have a difficult time receiving. When I write about receiving, I am not only referring to receiving material things, but also receiving things such as offerings of emotional support, compliments and things that are not seen by the eye.  Have you ever been given a gift from someone and felt you needed to give it back to them or made a comment like "you shouldn't have?" Have you been given a compliment in where you said "oh stop" or said something back to invalidate the compliment?  Why is it so hard for many to receive?  I believe that there is a part of us that feels that we are not worthy of receiving anything. There is a part of us that has been taught by society, friends and/or family that receiving a gift whether tangible or intangible is seen as selfish and makes us selfish. Sometimes we may feel that if we accept a gift, we are or will be a financial burden to the giver.

When a child receives something new, they usually can't wait to see what it is and their bright eyes pop out due to excitement. They fully receive what is given and they are authentic in showing their emotion of excitement. They do that because they do not have the mental chatter that adults do from social conditioning.  They are usually uncensored and full of love for themselves and others so they are able to fully receive what is there in the moment. The receptivity that we see in young children is the same level of receptivity I feel we need to move towards. Receiving is just as important than giving to others. There is a misconception that it is more important to give rather than receive. I believe they are equally important. When we fully receive something with an open hand and heart, we are able to allow gifts to enter in our life and allow more to come in. When we accept something and say "yes" to the gift, our acceptance of it validates the giver's decision that they made to give to us. So when the transaction of giving and receiving is done, both you and the other person actually become givers and recievers at the same time. When you decide to receive, your act of receiving gives the other person validation by you saying "yes" to their gift.  The other person is not only the giver but now becomes the receiver; the receiver of your validation and acceptance of "yes." When we say "no" to an offering, we invalidate the other person's choice they made to give to us.

It is important to be aware when we are not receiving and saying "yes." The more that we are aware of this, the more space we have to choose differently. The more we say "yes" to receiving, the more we will be able to open your heart for more to come to you. The act of receiving is not selfish, it is selfless. It serves your heart and the heart of the other person. So next time you are offered something, let your eyes light up like a child because we all have a child like excitement in us that is waiting to come out.