Nature As Our Teacher


I was outside one summer day observing the trees. There was a wind that made the green leaves on the trees sway back and forth. As I was observing the leaves sway back and forth, I realized that there are many similarities between us and trees. Even though trees do not have emotions like us humans, we are both living beings. However the thing that most stuck out for me is the resiliency that humans and trees share. No matter what season it is, trees stand there and take whatever weather condition life throws at them. It can be a snow storm, an ice storm or rain. Trees generally stand in the midst of the storm and wait for it to settle. Unless there is extreme weather conditions that force the tree to drop down to the ground, the tree can stand tall in the same spot for many years. It encounters all sorts of unpredictable weather conditions.  Trees have a tremendous amount of strength. They don’t usually die and decompose, they remain in their same spot for many years and still tend to blossom when new seasons arise.


Humans are the same way. We face many unpredictable situations. No matter what we encounter, we always get through it at the end with more growth.  We always are moving forward and moving out of difficult situations more wiser and stronger than before. We are always standing tall at the end of the storm. Even though we may not realize our own resiliency and strength, we all have it in us.  We are no different than trees. We both are living beings that breath and encounter extreme situations and still make it through the difficult times. Nature can teach us so much if we just allow ourselves time to sit, watch and notice. We will be amazed with what we can learn.