Love Always Wins

 Recently a historical event occurred in the US. The Supreme Court had ruled gay marriage to be legalized nationwide. This is a victorious moment for many and not so victorious for many as well. However the US government seemed to have recognized the importance of marriage among all people no matter what sexual orientation they identify with.

Gay marriage has been banned in many areas for many years in the United States. In Canada, same sex marriage was legalized nationwide since 2005.  Governments are starting to recognize that equality involves all people and that love has nothing to do with gender. People who identify with being gay deserve the right to be treated like people who do not identify as gay. We all bleed, we all have our internal pain, we all want love, we all want to be accepted and long for support from others. To view others as "different" or "less than" based on their choice of partners prevents us from seeing the natural goodness and beauty in them. Each person deserves the right to express love in the union of marriage if they choose.

Even though gay marriage is now legalized in the US, that does not mean that people who identify as gay will be received with open arms by many.  There are many that do not agree with a gay union. That is ok. We all are entitled to our opinions.  Even though gay union is becoming more accepted and openly embraced, there are many people out there that struggle with coming out and live in tremendous fear. If you identify with heterosexuality, imagine just for a minute, that Society's norm was to be homosexual and you identified as heterosexual. Sit with that for a few moments. How would it feel to want to come out? How would it feel to be put down due to your heterosexuality? How would it feel to live many years so deeply afraid to express your true identity to family and friends? How would it feel to be denied certain rights by the government? I can only imagine it to be a painful place to not be able to fully express yourself for fear of hatred of others.

We all long to love another and express that love. Today was a sign that love won. The fight to legalize gay marriage all these years was a cry for the government to choose love and they did today. Love is expressed in many ways and who are we to deny the expression of that. We all are free to love anyone we want and express it in ways that do not hinder the well being of others. We all are humans on this earth and have come from the same Source. Being allowed to express love between two people through marriage is a scared union and many have been granted this today. No union is more sacred or more right than another. When love is involved, all unions are gifts to be cherished .Love will always win every battle. Love won today and that truly is an event worth celebrating.