Enjoying Each Year!!!



We are constantly being bombarded with ads to promote us to look more younger and more youthful. We are constantly being pressured to "hurry up" and get somewhere because we are "not getting any younger." We are told that we need to be at a certain place in our life when we turn a certain age. This notion of "getting older" is seen as something negative and  something that we need to prevent from occurring. The notion of "getting older" is seen as anything but a moment of celebration.  Ageing is seen as a journey in which we may feel limited to certain options in life and where we fear our appearance will slowly deteriorate. Sometimes we think we cannot do certain things if we reach a certain age. We feel that we can only do certain things when we are young and when we age, it is "too late" to do what we really want.  Some feel a sense of anxiety of reaching a  certain age because they feel they have not accomplished what they planned to accomplish.

This meaning of ageing that I described above, is not only a social conditioning that has been ingrained in us, it also allows one to see life as merely a place where we need to race and get to a particular point quickly. This meaning doesn't allow us to see our life as a journey of learning and growth, but only a path where we are focussed on what we don't have and become fixated on attaining certain goals. There are certain things that become hard to do as we age and easier to do when we are younger. However, to say that we "cannot" do something because of our age is a limiting belief that we have learned. There are always possibilities at any moment.

The journey of ageing is not about what we accomplish and the materials we possess, it is about WHO we become in the process.  Ageing is a path in which we celebrate who we have become and who we are becoming. It is a time to reflect on our growth, our strengths and accomplishments all together. Becoming older means we become more wiser, more confident in our skin, more compassionate to others and more open minded. The journey of ageining is one that needs to be celebrated merely because we have been given another year of living life. I used to dislike my birthday for many years and I used to feel like I needed to be at a certain place in my life and when I didn't accomplish that, it brought up feelings of fear. When I started to view ageing differently,  I started to see more of the gifts that were in front of me all the time. I began to enjoy the start of a new year and looked forward to the mystery that that year had in store for me. We all have waves in life and some waves are difficult than others. We have times were life feels just to hard to move on, too overwhelming and sometimes we hate life. This is all normal and part of being human. We set up ourselves for unhappiness when we get into a situation merely because we feel we are getting to old to wait. How many people get into relationships because they feel they are to old to wait, or have children merely because they feel they have to because Society told them they are getting old?  The list goes on and on. When we make a decision out of a place of fear, we are not deciding from an authentic place within ourselves.

Ageing is one of the important gifts we have been given. We tend to focus on what we don't have instead of how much we have grown. Sit down one day and think about all the ways you have grown as a person in all areas of your life. The choice is yours in how you live your life. The choice is yours in how you experience ageing. You can make it an experience of being grateful or it can be a journey of sadness, anger and fear. The choice is yours . You get to choose how you experience your life.