Embracing Diversity

Canada is such a multicultural country where there are people of all races, Religions,  sexual orientations, ages, and socioeconomic classes.  There are some areas that are more diverse than others, however for the most part, Canada is filled with people from various backgrounds. There are people that are not comfortable with being around diversity and then there are some that enjoy the presence of it.  I personally enjoy living and being around diversity. I love learning and meeting people from different beliefs, values and ways of living. I love learning about people's walks of life, belief systems, traditions and getting to know who people really are.  It is so powerful to stop and listen to others because listening and learning from others allows you to examine your own life.  I've learned that life is not a set of "should" and "should nots," but that there are many ways to live life. Listening and being open to learning about other walks of life, allows you to have an understanding of why people do certain things and it can build a sense of empathy and compassion for the other. It allows you to see and recognize that each person is doing the best they can in living this life on earth by what they have been taught and the tools that they have at the moment.

There is such beauty in diversity. Diversity helps us learn from each other's struggles and allows us to examine our ways of being that does not serve us. Diversity can help you open your heart more to people, only if you choose. It allows us to open our minds and hearts and see the other as an equal; an equal embodiment of source. We all come from one energy, from one GOD. However, we each choose to express our uniqueness differently.  Each person has strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, values, and it is those differences that allows us to open our hearts and minds and challenge our own biases.

Each person is an individual and no two people are the same. There are many false beliefs and stereotypes about certain groups.  We can not define a person based on the group that they belong to or assume that they belong to. Just because the members of ISIS identify as Muslims and act in ways that hurt others, that does not mean other people who identify as Muslim are like ISIS members. If you have had a negative experience with men or women, that does not mean ALL women or men are the same. The world needs diversity. There would be no benefit to anyone if we were walking around like robots all thinking, acting and looking the same.  We need to encounter each other's weaknesses, ideas and strengths.

We are always placing labels on people when we don't even know them. We quickly define a person without knowing who they truly are. We make assumptions about people and are quick to criticize and judge them. The reality is, we are actually one. We are ONE consciousness, living out this life in different human forms. Each person is a living embodiment of this one consciousness and we each are living out being human in unique ways. When you begin to break down those walls and take the time to appreciate and get to know the person beside you, you will begin to realize that no matter where someone comes from, we all have the same needs, desires and wants and that there is actually no difference but only the one stemming from your perception.

                                                                     Please take a moment to watch this video about labels. It is powerful.