Celebrating Your Resurrection

Often the spring season is seen as a time of renewal and new beginnings. The grass starts to grow, the flowers start to bloom, the snow begins to melt and the weather becomes more milder. Many people may be doing some de-cluttering and spring cleaning. Many Christians often celebrate the Easter holiday, which is celebrating the rising body of Jesus after his crucifixion. These changes are reminders for us to make changes for ourselves. As I think about this spring season, I also think about how we can start new beginnings within ourselves.  As we see flowers blooming and grass growing, that can be a reflection to prompt us to take part in our own inner blooming. 

 Everyone has fears, that is a normal part of life. We often look at fears as something negative and as an enemy.  Many try to avoid being fearful at all costs. However, I ask you to entertain the thought that our fears can be a great teacher for us. Entertain the thought that our fears can be our friend. Although fear may not feel comfortable in the body, fear shows up for us ALWAYS to provide us a message. That message can be that there is something that we continue to avoid looking at within ourselves, or that we are near danger and the list goes on.   If you celebrate the Easter holiday or believe in the story of Jesus' death,  you may want to look at the death and rising of Jesus as an act of courage in which he  faced his fears and then rose to a new Being. Let this act of courage remind you of the courage you already have within yourself.

When we look at fear as an emotion to be invited in and taken as a teacher, we start to see what areas we need to work on. In order for us to continually bloom, we must face the things we fear. In order for us to resurrect to a whole new person, we must surrender to fear. When we slowly do things that we fear, we almost begin to be a new person. When we do things that we fear, overtime, our fears slowly deteriorate, layer by layer and we are able to resurrect into a rebirth, to someone that was different from yesterday. When you start to discover the strength that you have always had, parts of you that are fearful die, and a new you, a resurrection within you begins.

I encourage you to do something each day that is uncomfortable. No act is big or small, they are all neutral. They can be starting a difficult conversation with someone, saying 'no' to someone, taking up a new sport or activity, starting a task or chore in your home, accepting a compliment and\or gift from someone, doing a speech, and the list goes on and on. So as we come into the spring season and nature is blooming and celebrations are occurring for Easter, it is of great importance to celebrate you. Acknowledge when you faced a fear; when you accomplished a task.  Put yourself on a pedestal and look at yourself as your ultimate role model. There is no far better celebration than when you acknowledge and celebrate the strength of the one who lives and breathes with you each and every day.