Freedom's Home

I am your friend that has always been with you since you were born. You were just taught to look for me in external things and situations. People search and search for me in money, in promotions, in education, in relationships, in marriage, in jobs, in moving to different countries, cities, and the list goes on. The truth is, I am within you and each person and have always been.  The only way to find me is when you tap into your humanity. I am on the other side of fear, sadness, worry, anger, frustration, unworthiness, shame and all the other emotions that arise.
You will start to know me when you feel all emotions at full capacity with nothing and no one to distract you. I see that you are learning that!!!😉 When you think you have found me in external things and situations, that is really my opposite trying to act like me. If you want the real deal, go within. Your vulnerability is what connects you to your true nature which then I will be revealed.
What is my name?
My name is FREEDOM!!!!

I Am Freedom, Freedom I Am