Surviving vs Living!!!!


The most common way to start a conversation is to ask the other person how they are doing. I have encountered many people who have given me the answer of either "hanging in there," or "surviving." I've noticed how many people are just "dragging their feet" each day just to make it through the hours of the day.

Many people nowadays are discontent with where they are with their lives. Whether it be their jobs, family life, social life, or relationships. When someone has a feeling of discontent, life feels like a struggle. Life does have waves. There are days in which you will feel things are going well and days in which you feel they are not. Life feels tough when we are discontent with our jobs, our relationships, our finances and so on. Sometimes we hesitate making a change because we are afraid of the unknown. Even though we are unhappy, making a different choice seems scary and daunting. We would rather stay in our comfort zone and sit in the unhappiness, then choose differently and see what is on the other side fear.

If we live each day just moving through the motions of life, are we really living? I would say no. We are meant to live our lives with excitement, purpose, passion and happiness. We weren't meant to just "survive." We are meant to enjoy every day and do things that resonate with what we enjoy and who we are. The first way to start shifting your life is to acknowledge that you need support. Everyone needs help, we can't do everything alone. Reach out to outside community resources, family or friends for direction and advice.  This can help take the load off your shoulders. Another way to start enjoying life is gratitude. I can't stress this enough. Focussing on the good rather than what you don't have, helps shift your perspective from lack to appreciation. Another way is finding support.

We all were born with the innate gift of choice. We are free to make a different choice in every moment. We need to take inititiave in our life and stop waiting for something to happen in order for us to feel happy. It won't happen. We must make different choices. If we do not do things differently, it's unrealistic to think that things will shift. Things change when WE change. This is your life. Make of it what you always dreamed of.