Why Not You!!!!!

Recently I received a text message from a loved one stating "you are the best." My response back was "why" as I chuckled. She responded back saying "why not." There and then I had a moment of insight. I was not receiving the gift that was being offerd to me. I questioned my own worth. I didn't receive that compliment without questioning it first. I then decided to remove the "why" that I asked and respond "thank you."

This situation is so common among all. It is hard for us to receive the good that people are offering. Somehow we believe we have to prove ourselves,  accomplish something or be a certain way in order to be accepted and validated.  Often times we are so good at giving rather than receiving. We feel we have to earn praise. It was a deep learning moment for me.

Most of us doubt ourselves. We doubt that we are worthy.  When we doubt our worth, we will question people's friendly gestures and intentions. It is important to know that each person is worthy and deserving. We live in a world were we are taught to question the intentions of others. We live in a world were someone is seen as important or worthy because they achieved or accomplished something.

If you want to get a promotion then ask yourself "why not me? If you want to be financially abundant, ask yourself "why not me?" If you want to lose weight or transform your body, ask yourself "why not me." We are all worthy and deserving of everything. We don't need to prove ourselves to anyone or act a certain way to be likable or loveable. Our true nature is kindness and love.  It is time for us to start to recognize our worthiness. It is time that we notice that we do not need to prove ourselves to anyone. When someone offers you kindness, say "thank you" and receive it while remembering you count and matter.