More Than What You See!

We are born in this world and gifted with our 5 senses. We can hear the words others speak and see people and things in the world. Our 5 senses allows us to see what is on the surface. When we look with our eyes, we only see what is before us. Our 5 senses can also be limiting as it does not allow us to see beyond the surface. Therefore, we interpret what is around us based on our social conditioning and judgements that we place on them.

When we have disagreements, arguments with others or observe others having arguments, we often place a meaning on what we see. When we see someone acting a certain way, we place meanings and judgements on that behaviour.  What we see, is what is based on our interpretation and perception of it. When we feel someone is judging us, it is based on our perception.  Interpreting something is subjective and is created from our lived experiences. If we have been taught not to trust people, we will most probably interpret people's actions as an attack on us. When we have been taught that doing something or living a certain way is right, we may interpret other people's way of living and being in the world as "wrong." We may interpret people's words a certain way. Nevertheless, the meanings of what we hear and see is judged by the lens of the beholder.

Nothing is ever as it seems on the surface. Our senses of hearing and sight, limit us to knowing what lies beneth what we see. An act of terrorism on a country, is yes horrific to experience and many might interpret the terrorists as evil and "bad."  However, what lies beneath the act of terrorism is a person deeply in pain. A child who bullies other children can be interpreted to be a certain way, however the action does not define the person. The child who bullies, remains to be in deep emotional pain that has motivated his bullying behaviours. Someone that has felt betrayed or back stabbed by another, may interpret the perpetrator to have lack of loyalty to the relationship.  People's behaviour has nothing to do with the other person. People's behaviour has nothing to do with others, only themselves. People act in ways that shows you the extent of how they treat themselves. Your interpretation of a situation is based on how you think of yourself.

No one's actions is ever about us. Nothing is ever as it seems on the surface. Many people put a mask on to the world. In fact the majority of the population wears masks to cover pain. Just because someone portrays themselves as "having it all," does not mean that is so.  Where we are in our life also determines what meaning we place on a circumstance. Nothing is ever as it seems. There is an underlying cause to everything; every word and action. It is important to understand this and know this. In knowing this one fact, we can be able to be less reactive to people's behaviours and compassionate to others as well.