There Is No Difference!

We are at a time now in the world, where there is so much turmoil and chaos around the world in various countries. Countries are in financial crisis and there are wars all over the place. Innocent children and people are being killed and injured due to other people's actions. I am sure you heard the news about that picture online of that little Syrian boy who was found dead in a Turkish ocean while his family was on a boat trying to flee to Europe from Syria. That picture on social media created a lot of uproar. There are many refugees right now that are trying to flee Syria from the war to find a palce of safety for their families.

What really boggles my mind is people's attitudes about refugees entering their country. There are many judgmental and prejudice comments about refugees. People have made comments such as "we don't want them in our country," or "they will flood our country."  It is really disturbing to me to hear comments that people make about refugees who just want to move to another country that is safe for their families. People fleeing the war are just looking for safety and security. Their lives are at stake and at risk due to the war and all they want is to protect themselves from violence. It is insensitive to make such racist and prejudice comments. We can all be in the same situation as the Syrian's in any moment. Living in Cananda and the US, we are fortunate to have our basic needs met and to be living in somewhat of a safe environment. Imagine having your children in the midst of guns and bombs. Wouldn't you do whatever it takes to save their lives? You would want the best for your family. You would probably want to move anywhere that is safe to flee the turmoil that you live in. Just because people are called "refugees," does not mean they are not human. We all deserve to be safe and be treated like we are important, because we are. It doesn't matter what a person's Religion is, or what they believe, or what their socioeconomic class is, or what they are wearing. Simply because we are human, we deserve to have the basic needs to live a life of safety. We are all the same and we come from the same place. Just because we look differently, we dress differently, we believe in different things, actually does not make us different, but makes us unique. No one group of people are more deserving than another group. We are equally deserving to live life.  All this chaos and war that is happening in the world today has nothing to do with Religion, or possessions. All violence and war has everything to do with people believing they are different from others. It has everything to do with believing that one group is more superior than another. It has everything to do with the lack of love people have for themselves and projecting it on to others in the "name of Religion" or in the name of anything else. It has nothing to do with that. It actually is about people not knowing their true essence of who they are. The root cause of violence is the feeling of lack of self worth and self love. That is the deep root of all sadness, anger and fear.

Our life is very fragile and can change in any moment. In any moment, everything we have can be swept away. Just because you live in Canada or the US or any other country where there is no war, it does not mean you are actually safe. Life is fluid and ever changing. There are no guarantees to our safety in any moment. So before you make a comment about refugees that is insensitive, try putting yourself in their shoes and imagine yourself experiencing what they are experiencing.